Terms & Conditions

Useful Information
For a practical explanation of the terms and conditions that apply to the rental of a Luxury property through the website Kreta Deluxe, we discuss all the things you need to know about booking a holiday and your stay.

General Conditions
On the rental of any property offered by Kreta Deluxe general terms and conditions apply as you can find on our website. We expect any visitor of our website to be aware of these terms & conditions.

Specific needs or requirements
Perhaps you have specific needs that really matters when selecting a luxury vacation rental home. To avoid disappointment afterwards, we kindly ask you to contact us so that we can verify your wishes with the property owners.

Need assistance?
In case you can not find the accommodation you are looking for please call us at number GR – 0030 694 616 5012 or
NL – 0031 (0)6 84622814 and we are comitted to help you. You can always send us your questions by e-mail: info @ kretadeluxe.com

Despite all the efforts of homeowners and Kreta deluxe to make your stay as pleasant as possible on Crete unexpected problems may occur. If you have a complaint regarding the accommodation, you must report it to the owner / key holder within 24 hours. The owner will try to solve your complaint in case this complaint is righteous . In case the owner can not resolve the complaint for you then you should inform Kreta deluxe within 24 hours after your finding. Kreta Deluxe will put everything in its power to resolve the issue if the enjoyment of your stay is at risk.
If you decide to leave the accommodation early or move to a different accommodation than Kreta Deluxe or the homeowner can not be held responsible for any damage or will be required to pay restitution.

Liability Insurrance
You, as the (main)tenant are required to have a valid liability insurance in case you are responsible for any damage to the property or missing items. Homeowners may ask prove of documents that you are indeed adequately insured.

Please use our contact form to inform us about your complaint or call us.

Book Accommodations

The Booking Form
With every accommodation you have the opportunity to submit a booking request via the booking form. Select your favorite luxury property and fill out the form completely. The owner of the property will ultimately determine whether he/she wants to rent the accommodation to you.

Availability & Confirmation
Kreta deluxe always does its utmost to maintain the availability of luxury accommodations on our website up-to-date. Unfortunately Kreta Deluxe depends on the right information provided by homeowners. It occurs from time to time that final ​​bookings are not always passed on by the owners. A booking is therefore only final for you when you receive a definitive booking confirmation from Kreta Deluxe by e-mail.

In case you decide to cancel your booking please note that cost might be involved. Check outKreta Deluxe cancellation policy here. We strongly encourage you to always take a cancellation insurance.

Travel documents
After Kreta Deluxe has received the full rental amount and any additional charges we will send you all the necessary information such as telephone numbers of the owner/property manager, arrival and departure times, address, directions and other information relating to your accommodation. You will receive these documents by e-mail.

Arrival & Departure
On the website of Kreta Deluxe you can find the arrival and departure date for each accommodation. You will always have to adhere to these times. After your departure the owner has only a few hours to make the accommodation ready for the new guests. In case you can not meet these times, please contact the owner. so he/she can take your specific needs into account.

Booking terms

A. Definition of terms
A.1 Main tenant:
A natural person or legal person that closes a rental contract with a main tenant.
A.2 Co-tenants or fellow tenants:
A person or persons that stay with the main tenant in an accommodation .
A.3 Home owner:
A natural of legal person who rents an accommodation to a tenant.
A.4 The agreement:
The rental agreement between the home owner and the main tenant.
A.5 The rental terms:
The terms and conditions applied by Kreta Deluxe.
A.6 Kreta Deluxe (KD):
Trade name “Kreta Deluxe ” which is acting as intermediary between homeowners and tenants regarding renting luxuury accommodations and besides is an plenipotentiary of the homeowner.
A.7 The website:
The website Kreta Deluxe with internet adres http://www.kretadeluxe.com

B. Applicability rental conditions
The general conditions applies to all quotes, agreements, contracts, offers and services provided by Kreta Deluxe, including agreements where Kreta Deluxe acts on behalf of both parties, unless both parties choose a different agreement. The tenant accepts these general booking conditions, which form part of the rental agreement, on confirming his/her reservation and no further written agreement is necessary from Kreta Deluxe or the tenant.

C. Agreement
The rental agreement is between the homeowner and the tenant. Kreta Deluxe is not a partner in any agreement.
The contents of the agreement will be deemed correct by this confirmation. The tenant should check the agreement carefully and report any inaccuracies to Kreta Deluxe within 48 hours of receipt of the agreement.
The agreement is binding when the confirmation has been sent by Kreta Deluxe and received by the tenant. The confirmation contains content and details of the agreement in the most complete and accurate way.
On the agreement the legal right of withdrawal (cooling off period) is not applicable. Any further additions or changes to this agreement (verbal or written) by or on behalf of Kreta Deluxe, are only legally binding if confirmed in writing. Any additions or changes made by the tenant will incur extra administration charges, and the tenant will be billed by Kreta Deluxe for these charges.
Kreta Deluxe is entitled to refuse bookings from young aged people or larger groups of tenants. In such case futher conditions may apply by the owner.
The duration of the agreement is stated in the written confirmation and ends on the last date.

D. Cancellation
Only main tenants may cancel a booking in writing without incurring extra costs if this is done within two working days after the confirmation has been sent, unless the rental period starts less than one month after the cancellation.
If a booking is cancelled after the two days notice as in D.1 the tenant is required to give written notice of the cancellation and pay the following cancellation fees shown below:
– Cancellation up to 42 days upon arrival: 50% of the total rental costs.
– Cancellation from the 42nd (inclusive) day to the 30th day before the day of arrival: 75% of the total rental costs.
– Cancellation from the 30th day (inclusive) till the day of arrival: 100% of the total rental costs
– Cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the total amount of the rental costs are due
Cancellation made by the main tenant will also be valid for co-tenants or fellow tenants staying at the accommodation at the same time as the main tenant.
A cancellation made on a Saturday or a Sunday or a bank holiday in the Netherlands, will be valid as from the first following Dutch working day.
A request for cancellation of the agreement should be directed to Kreta Deluxe, who will treat the request on behalf of the homeowner and will act accordingly.
We advise you to always take a travel- and cancellation insurance because vacation rentals do not fall under the regular liability insurances.

E. Rental Fee & Payment
The homeowner has authorized Kreta Deluxe to collect the rent on his/her behalf
Unless otherwise agreed, the rental price is based on the booking confirmation you have received from Kreta Deluxe .;
– including sales tax & VAT;
– Excluding booking fee;
– Excluding Tourist Taxes;
– Excluding bail and any additional costs for supplies and services, such as final cleaning or bed linen.
Main tenants must pay a 40% deposit within ten calendar days after signing the agreement . Money should be paid to the account number shown on the Kreta Deluxe agreement or invoice.
The remaining amount must be paid to Kreta Deluxe at least six weeks before the start of the rental period.
For bookings made within six weeks of the start of the rental period, the total rental costs must be paid within 5 days of the confirmed booking agreement.
For bookings within ten calendar days before the start of the rental period, the entire amount must be transferred to the bank account of Kreta Deluxe by the fastest means possible. The payment has to be received at least 3 days upon arrival by Kreta Deluxe.
If the rental costs are not paid on time according to the rental agreement the main tenant will owe interest on the rental amount from the date the rental costs are due and without any further notice being served on the main tenant necessary. The tenant will owe Kreta Deluxe the rental costs and statutory interest thereof, and this amount will be increased by 1% every day until the outstanding amount has been paid in full.
If the rental costs are not paid when due, Kreta Deluxe reserves the right to cancel the booking in writing, on behalf of the owner of the accommodation. In that case the tenant will have to pay all cancellation costs that apply.
All legal costs incurred by Kreta Deluxe for collecting any payments due will be passed on to the main tenant. The legal costs will be any costs that incurs if the case Kreta Deluxe has to go to court. Any other costs incurred in the recovery of payments due will be charged to the main tenant in the form of a fine of 17% of the total amount due, with a minimum of €250, unless these recovery costs are higher in which case Kreta Deluxe will be obliged to charge the total amount of the true costs incurred.

F. Pets
In many of the accommodations it is not allowed to bring pets. Exceptions are listed on the website of the relevant accommodation. If you bring a pet and you do not report it to the homeowner or Kreta Deluxe your pet may be refused. Any costs arising will be charged to the main tenant.

G. House rules
In the accommodations, smoking is not permitted unless otherwise stated on the website.
Frying with fat in and around the accommodation is not allowed. Any damage caused by frying will be charged to the main tennant directly and must be paid locally on departure.
In case seperate house rules apply you will find a copy of these regulations in your booked accommodation. You should comply to these house rules & regulations without exceptions.
Household waste. Tenants are considered to remove any garbage, bottles, paper etc from the accommodation.
You will be deemed to leave the kitchen (with oven and dishwasher) clean behind.
Damage which is caused by the lighting of candles will be charged to the main tennant directly and must be paid locally on departure
Setting off fireworks around the accommodation is not allowed. Any damage caused by fireworks will be charged to the main tennant directly and must be paid locally on departure
The homeowner is not liable for any loss of internet connection during your stay.

H. Liability tenants
The main tenant is responsible for any damage incurred to the accommodation during the rental period whether caused by him/herself, the joint tenants or any third parties.

I. Complaints and Liability
Any liability of Kreta Deluxe is in all cases limited to accountable deficiencies in the operations of Kreta Deluxe as an intermediary and is in all events limited to the agreed rental amount unless it is a case of bad intent or gross negligence on the part of Kreta Deluxe.
Kreta Deluxe cannot be held liable for actions and/or negligence of the owner.
If a complaint according to the main tenant is not resolved adequately by the homeowner then Kreta Deluxe will get in touch with the homeowner and mediate between the tenant and the homeowner in order to try and find a proper solution. Kreta Deluxe can make a financial arrangement on behalf of the homeowner with the main tenant in case required.
Any liability of the owner, on any legal grounds, is limited to a maximum of three times the amount of the rent, unless it is a a case of bad intent or gross negligence of the owner.
Neither Kreta Deluxe nor the owner can be held liable for the costs, which are not covered by the usual travel- or cancellation insurance. Any liability for damage suffered by the tenant, during the carrying out of his/her profession or company business, is excluded by Kreta Deluxe and the owner, except in cases of bad intent or gross negligence.
Total liability of Kreta Deluxe and any contracted third parties will be limited to the relevant rental agreement and the rent paid by the main tenant to Kreta Deluxe.

J. Termination of the agreement
Kreta Deluxe is entitled to dissolve the agreement in writing and to demand that the tenant(s) depart the premises immediately if the tenant seriously neglects to take proper care of the premises, such as if he accommodates more or different persons and/or animals than allowed according to the agreement, or if the premises is damaged or in any other way does not fulfil the obligations of a proper tenant. In that case the tenant is not entitled to restitution of or part of the rent and the tenant is held responsible for the damage suffered by Kreta Deluxe, or the owner, as a consequence of any actions or omissions by the tenant.
If the homeowner cannot supply the accommodation as a result of circumstances for which he/she cannot be blamed, Kreta Deluxe is, on behalf of the owner, entitled to dissolve the agreement. The tenant will then have the agreed rental amount reimbursed but not be entitled to any compensation. Kreta Deluxe will offer the tenant an alternative accommodation, if available, which is of similar quality, either during the same time period or a different period

K. Final clauses
All contracts, agreements and parts which these booking conditions refer to or any disputes that might arrise between parties regarding their agreement will fall under Dutch law.
In case the terms of these conditions or parts of them would not be no longer legally valid or are stated non-applicable, the rest of the terms remain in force. The agreed term(s) are then changed into comparable terms which remain legally valid.
Tenants are not allowed to sublet any accommodation rented by Kreta Deluxe


After Kreta Deluxe has send you the booking confirmation you must pay a 40% deposit within 5 days to the bank account of Kreta Deluxe in order to secure your booking. You can find the payable amount and full bank details of Kreta Deluxe on your invoice.

Bail bond
Homeowners require a bail bond to cover any damage or loss caused by you to the accommodation. Any additional costs for final cleaning, electricity, telephone usage or other additional costs may be deducted from the bail bond.
In most cases, you should pay the bail bond on arrival to the owner / key holder . This can be in cash or by presentation of a credit card number. In some cases homeowners can request Kreta Deluxe to collect the bail bond for them and return it the moment the owner instructs Kreta Deluxe to refund the bail bond.
After the rental period tenants will get the deposit back if there is no obvious damage or loss. The back payment of the deposit is a matter between the main tenant and the Homeowner. Kreta Deluxe has no liability for any problems that might occur between the tenant and the homeowner.

Bank cost
Please note that you always pay net amounts and bank charges (especially if you pay from abroad). Any additional Bank cost charged to Kreta Deluxe must be reimbursed by the main tenant.


Basic rental price
Rental prices for each accommodation can be found under the price tab. Most prices are based on weekly rates. With each booking €35 will be charged. All prices are inclusive of VAT and taxes. Tourist tax is compulsory in Greece since 2014, and must be paid locally.

Additional Cost
In the price overview of each accommodation you will find any mandatory costs or services for which you will have to pay on arrival or when departing the property. The prices mentioned are based on information provided by the homeowner. Kreta Deluxe is not liable for any price adjustments.

Bank Cost
Please note that you always pay net amounts and bank charges (especially if you pay from abroad). Any additional Bank cost charged to Kreta Deluxe must be reimbursed by the main tenant.

Tourist tax
Since March 2014 Greece adopted a new law requiring travelers to pay tourist tax to Greece. This is an amount between € 3 and € 9, – per unit, per day and must be paid locally.

Cancellation Fee
When a booking is cancelled the booking fee (€35) is non-refundable. Additional fees may apply when a booking is cancelled. Please check Kreta Deluxe cancellation fees here.

Final Cleaning
Some hours after you have left the accommodation new tenants will arrive. In the intervening hours, the property must be fully cleaned and will be executed by cleaning experts. For most accommodations an additional cleaning fee applies. Please make sure that on departure the property is “broom clean”, the grill is cleaned, the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and cupboards are empty and the trash should go to the appropriate containers. Cleaning products are often unavailable.

Electricity & Water
In most cases the cost of the consumption of electricity, gas and water are generally included in the rent. If this is not the case, it is mentioned on the website.
Sometimes costs can be charged based on consumption or on the basis of a fixed amount per week. On the travel documents you receive any such additional costs will be mentioned.

Phone & Internet
If there is a land line phone in the house we will mention it the property features. Since many people today have a cell phone, the number of homes with a land line phone is getting smaller. When a land line phone is available and use is made of external phone calls during your stay the final cost for using the telephone will be deducted from you bail bond. Internet for most properties is included in the price unless otherwise stated under additional cost.

The accommodation description indicates whether you can bring a pet (dog or cat) You will need the written permission of the homeowner or Kreta Deluxe to bring your pet. An additional charge may apply if you want to take your pet. It is strictly forbidden to let your pet stay in the pool. Any damage or additional cleaning caused by your pet to the property will be deducted from the bail bond or charged on departure.

Many houses have a fireplace and stacking firewood lying in the garden. Always consult the owner / key holder if you may use the firewood freely or that additional costs apply.

Cancellation Policy
Only main tenants may cancel a booking. Cancellations must be sent via e-mail to Kreta Deluxe. At cancellation the booking fee (€35,-) will not be refunded. You must take into account any additional costs when canceling your booking.

Kreta Deluxe Cancellation Fees
50% of the rental fee for cancellation up to 42 days of the arrival date:;
75% of the rental fee for cancellation from 42 days (inclusive) until 30 days before the day of arrival;
100% of the rental fee for cancellation from 30 days (inclusive) until the day of arrival ;
Cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the total amount of the rental costs are due

We encourage tenants and fellow travelers to always take a good travel insurance. A good travel insurance can minimize the considerable financial risks of traveling.


House Descriptions & Photos
Its always our goal to provide you the most recent updates of accommodations through descriptions, photos, videos etc. that you wish to rent. We will visit the properties personally from time to time to ensure that our clients will receive what is advertised. However, things may change over time. Just note that there is a possibility that owners could make changes in the intervening time, for example to the interior or garden without informing Kreta DeluxeC about these changes.

The property that you are renting is often the private residence of the owner. The house is well decorated and furnished by the owner to his own taste or style of the region. Enjoy your vacation, the other way of life and culture and just realize that some practical things are different than you are used to at home.

Private property
The accommodation that you rent is the private property of the owner. All things in the accommodation are also his personal belongings which he/she is proud of. It is therefore not permitted to make any changes to the interior of the house and move the furniture around. Place all used items back as much as possible where you took them from and always treat other people’s property with respect.

Total Guests
The total number of persons listed in the description is the maximum number of persons (including children) that may remain in the accommodation. If you wish to stay with more people, you always need the written consent of the owner / key holder. If you stay with more people than allowed without permission , the owner may increase the rent of the house no matter whether these additional people stay one night or stay the whole week at the accommodation. The owner may decide to terminate the rental contract immediately and deny access to the property any longer.

Swimming Pool
Almost all the houses that are rented through Kreta Deluxe are having a private pool which can be used generally from April to November. In the description you may find the dimensions of the pool. In case of bad weather or maintenance the owner / key holder may decide to temporary close the pool.
Tenants and fellow travelers are responsible for each other and for monitoring in and around the pool at all times. Neither Kreta Deluxe, nor the owner of the house, nor our local contact persons are liable for accidents in or around the pool.

Since many people today have a cell phone, the number of homes with a land line phone is getting smaller. In case the accommodation has a land line phone available we will show the information under property features.

Other facilities
There is always a possibility that no use can be made of a certain facility listed in the description such as a tennis court, swimming pool or supermarket. Causes can be seasonal hours, maintenance or because such facilities are rented to third parties. Neither Kreta Deluxe, nor the owner of the accommodation or our local contacts can be held liable. If we know that a given facility is not available, we will certainly mention it in the property description.

Special house rules

It is not permitted without the written permission of the homeowner or Kreta Deluxe to put down a tent or caravan on the property that you rent. If you do so without his written consent the owner may terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect and deny you access to the property.

Basically, almost all properties have an external barbecue. Due to the dryness of the area in the summer, the danger of forest fires increases, and may be prohibited by order of the fire department for barbecuing. As you can understand, this is mostly in your own interest. We advise you in all cases to be extremely careful at all times.

During your stay in the accommodation, keep it clean and tidy. To avoid the risk of pests we recommend that you bring your garbage bags directly to the appropriate containers on the side of the road or other collection facilities.

Water rationing
During the very dry summer months it can happen that the local government decides to to shut down the water supply temporarily. Kreta Deluxe can not accept any liability for this . Contact the homeowner/ key holder as he/she can update you best on the local situation.

It is strictly prohibited to put your pets in the pool and you must see to it that the presence of your pet like hair and droppings is not visible at the end of your stay.

About IBAN
The International Bank Account Number or IBAN, as it is commonly called, is a banking account structured according to the ECBS standards. Every banking account can be converted to an IBAN account by the bank in which the account is held.

IBAN Greece
The IBAN has a maximum of 34 alphanumeric characters. In Greece, it has a standard length of 27 alphanumeric characters:
– The first two alphabetic characters identify the country in which the account is held (GR for Greece).
– The next two digits are the check digits. They validate the complete IBAN
– The final part of the IBAN is the Basic Bank Account Number or BBAN, which in most cases is the number that identifies the Bank, the Branch and the customer’s account number.

In Greece, the Basic Bank Account Number consists of:
1. Three (3) digits for the Bank’s code
2. Four (4) digits for the Branch code
3. Sixteen (16) digits for the customer’s account number

When the digits of the account number are less than 16, the bank must complete it with zeros, placed at the beginning of the account. Example of a Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN): 01401010101002101047414

In order to convert to an IBAN number, the country code and the two check digits must prefix the Basic Bank Account Number. Example: GR 16 01401010101002101047414

In case you don’t know your IBAN you can try the link below in order to calculate your IBAN number. http://www.ibancalculator.com/ Everything else you need to know about IBAN: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Bank_Account_Number

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